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Sep 30, 2012 12:00pm PDT
the votes really matter, it seems you're favoring president barack obama. i want to bring in steven moore. he's an editorial writer for the wall street journal and a good friend of the show. christine romans also joins us. she's host of "your bottom line" right here on cnn. i want to shoe yw you a poll of likely voters. in ohio, florida and pennsylvania, 51% say president obama would do a better job on the economy. no incumbent has won the white house without winning florida. ohio and pennsylvania are crucial states. steven, despite the economy right now, this weird optimism, is this the end of romney's chance to win? >> yeah, i think this upsurge in consumer confidence is hurting mitt romney, no question about that, ali. interestingly, i looked at the gallop data on consumer confidence, and they came to an interesting conclusion. they found that the big surge in consumer confidence on the economy was democrats, that democrats have had a huge surge where republicans have actually had a reduction in their confidence, and what they found, by the way, is that normally an increase in consumer
Sep 19, 2012 4:00pm PDT
is john mccormick and steven moore of "the wall street journal" editorial board. thanks to both of you. obviously, you can run these numbers in a will the of ways. we don't have exact information on what loopholes romney would close, but it is safe to say that the conclusion would be both of these people are for redistribution and progressive taxation in some way, right, john? >> i'd actually disagree. the tax policy center is one study, but there's another conducted by harvey rosen and he has concluded that under plausible growth assumptions that you wouldn't have a net tax burden decrease for the rich and an increase for the middle class or the lower class, so this all depends on whether you assume -- >> but that also assumes -- again, what rosen assumes the closing every loophole, which we know is something romney doesn't want to do. >> no, that's not what he assumes. >> he does. he assumes you're getting rid of capital gains. >> not every loophole though. he assumes by getting rid of loopholes for the wealthy, again, this is a problem where he hasn't been specific. >>e're trying ge
Sep 23, 2012 12:00pm PDT
and steven moore, the writer with the wall street journal. steven, we asked who had a better handle on the kmi, and president obama was one point higher than romney. you're the 1% that wants to give romney a shot on the economy. >> i think candy nailed it. it is true that two-thirds of americans think the economy is in rotten shape now. but on election day, if people feel like things are getting better, there is no question barack obama will win this race. >> do you think they are getting better? >> they are getting better, but it's a roller coaster ride on this economy. it's also reflected not just in the polls that candy talked about, but the confidence numbers seem to be rising a little bit. the stock market has been great the last couple weeks. they love this cheap money, as we talked about last week. but i think mitt romney has to basically say, look, i'm the candidate of the middle class. >> can we not talk about race or religion or personal things, and that has made it less likely for romney to connect with people? >> it's a problem for mitt romney. even in the republican pri
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Sep 24, 2012 1:00pm EDT
fair share? tax returns hurting the run for the presidency? the senior economic writer steven moore joins us this hour. >> time for stocks as we do every 15 minutes. nicole is standing by. nicole, stocks going to the downside here. >> that's right. last week, by the end of the week, felt like we went nowhere fast, but today is a clear picture. in the red all dang long. dow is one quarter of 1%. the nasdaq down three quarters of 1%. there is pressure here coming along with a stronger dollar. we had a weaker euroowe. the german business confidence numbers weaker again. that does not bode well. as far as the european picture, but at the same time, we have the business activity index in that rose. i know you'll delve into this, but we're talking about apple's iphone5 selling 5 million units this weekend. that blows it out of the park compared to the prior iphone4 release setting its own record by what we saw this weekend, but there were analysts expecting 8 million sales and 5 million is not 8 million. that could be one of the reasons why the stock is on the downside. the other is they
Sep 22, 2012 10:00am PDT
with me in new york is ken rogoff. and steven moore is "the wall street journal." asked who's better to handle the economy and the latest poll finds it's president obama with a one-point lead over governor romney. you have made your chase that you're part of the 49% who want to give romney a shot to fix this economy. >> right. >> if they're so close on the economy, why isn't your guy doing better? >> first of all, i think candy nailed it. it is true that two-thirds of americans think the economy is in rotten shape right now. but if on election day, people feel like things are getting better, no question barack obama wins this race. >> do you think they are feeling that? >> it's a roller-coaster ride on this economy. it's also reflected not just in the polls that candy talked about, but the stock market's been on a tear for the last couple of weeks. but i think mitt romney basically is saying, look, i'm the candidate of the middle class, i'm the one who -- >> do you think he's been careful not to talk about wealth and not talk about religion and personal things, so that has made it le
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Sep 17, 2012 6:00am PDT
'll add 12 million new jobs in four years. heather: let's talk to steven moore about this. a se economic writer for the "wall street journal." good morning, steven. just a little snippet there. what do we need to hear from mitt romney? what is he going to say? >> i think a lot of conservatives and republicans around the country are saying it's about time. if you listened to the speech that mitt romney gave at the republican convention it was long on profile but not a lot of details on what the president wanted to do to turn around the economy. and i think that was the weakness of the speech and one of the reasons why mitt romney's numbers haven't been very good lately. he needs to tell the american basically i do have a plan, it's substantive, he has to tell them how it's going to work. the tax restructuring plan, the energy poll seats, the deregulation of industries and bringing the deficit and debt down. those are things he hasn't been talking enough about, again i think that's one of the reasons he's not doing that well in the polls now. heather: you've been following the economy and
Sep 7, 2012 1:00pm PDT
. joining us, president of the center for american progress and steven moore from "the wall street journal." mira, i will play a clip. this is what mitt romney said reacting to the latest numbers, then we'll discuss. >> this is a tough time for middle class in america. there's almost nothing the president has done in the last three and a half, four years that gives the american people confidence he knows what he is doing when it comes to jobs and the economy. >> i thought mitt romney's statement, governor romney's statement was fascinating. if you see the whole statement, he criticized the president. he again didn't layout any ideas on what he would do. >> were you satisfied in the president's acceptance speech in what he said he would do? there were goals he laid out, he didn't get into specifics how he would achieve the goals. >> he did talk about the hiring of teachers, that's a situation there, a great example of what's happening in washington. one of the problems we have in the economy is w lost 700 public sector jobs, a big drag. we should be hiring teachers. that was a specific idea
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Sep 10, 2012 6:00am PDT
now "wall street journal"'s economic writer steven moore and fox a teamer marc siegl to talk about what we have learned now. first to the doctor, what is this pilot program all about? how was it set up? >> what this has in mind is to take the poorest patients with both medicare and medicare, because they are disabled or very poor and shift 2 million of them in 18 states, to ship them to a managed care program where a private insurance will cover them. but the key here is mandatory. because, you know, under congressman ryan's program it was not mandatory. the idea is you could choose to use your money to buy a private plan. and the problem with mandatory, bill is your doctor may not actually take that private insurer. the state could shift you manned tore lee from your medicare and medicaid this a doctor like me accepts onto a managed care that i might not accept. it's going to cause all kinds of hoff srobg. bill: you can't opt out of it. what do you mean all kinds of havoc? >> because again the biggest problem is networks. does your doctor take this insurance? do they work with oth
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Sep 24, 2012 6:00am PDT
have been healed. martha: let's talk to a single serious economist and see what he says, steven moore is a senior economic writer at the "wall street journal." steve, welcome. >> hi, martha. martha: i think that the president, obama has got even a ton of traction out of what bill clinton said at the democratic convention. i think when he looked everybody in the eye at that convention and said, it's okay, you can vote for him again because nobody could have fixed this and he's doing a darn good job. huge traction from that and he's still out there selling that notion. what do you think. >> no question. i know this is going to shock you, this election in politics is all about who can control the opinion war and right now barack obama has been winning the spin war thanks to bill clinton with this line that nobody could have done better. there are two problems with that line of analysis that this is the best we could do. number one is i know a serious economist beside myself who said that it wasn't going to take four years and that was barack obama. remember, martha, it was barack obama w
Sep 26, 2012 10:00am PDT
it all. echols was convicted for the 1993 murders of these three 8-year-old boys, steven branch, michael moore, and christopher byers. jason baldwin and jesse misskelley jr. were sent away for life. then just last year in august, after the documentary paradise lost there is multiple documentaries about the injustices in this case and decades of legal wrangling, the west memphis three were able to cut a deal. and here they were. do you remember these pictures? walking out, walking out free, but there's an asterisk to this. not exonerated, officially they are not innocent in the eyes of the law. it was called the alfred plea. they accepted it. that meant they admitted to no crime, agreed there is enough evidence to convict them. and damien echols joins me live from los angeles. and, damien, first before we get started, i want to say welcome and your book is truly a fascinating read. we had this conversation at commercial break about your glasses and you can't see without them, tell me why. >> well, a lot of it is due to the fact that i didn't see sunlight for almost ten years while i was i
Sep 17, 2012 11:30pm PDT
of san jose. >>> and tonight at 10:30, reaction from a city hall insider. he tells us moore's departure could not come at a worse time. >>> students of the law paid tribute to u.s. ambassador chris stevens with a vigil in his honor. it took place at his law school alma mater uc hastings. amber lee joins us with more on how the death of stevens has touched many even those who did not know him. >> reporter: they told me that his sacrifice affected them in a way they did not expect. students, faculty and fellow allumn lit candles to honor christopher stevens. >> we should all be so lucky to find a vocation that we can be so passionate about. >> reporter: inside notes of condolence were written to steven's family. >> he was a light that to all of us. >> it struck me in a way that i didn't expect. >> reporter: phil lascada was one of many who said they felt a personal loss that went beyond the law school connection. >> i still feel a lot of gratitude for this man. i still don't know a lot about, but i hope to learn more. >> we will take his vision, his memory and we will try to make the wor
Sep 18, 2012 7:00am PDT
stevens until he died say they were affected by his sacrifice. >>> 7:35. the city of san jose is launching a nationwide search for a new police chief after a surprise retirement announcement from chief chris moore. moore, a 27-year department veteran said he wants to spend more time with his family. announcement comes after a spike in violence and a pension reform battle that led to an exodus of police officers. mayor chuck reed said he is sorry to see the chief go. >> not only does he have to manage the law enforcement activities, he's had to manage the tough fiscal issues. he's done a great job in some of the most difficult times the department has ever faced. >> moore took over as chief 18 months ago. his last day day on the job will be january 31st. >>> the search for a missing firefighter will continue this afternoon in lincoln, nebraska. last night police received a tip that someone saw a man fitting the description of 69- year-old charlie dowd, who left from the am track station on wednesday to head to montreal to see his son he disappeared somewhere between denver and chicago. fami
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)